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Kostandin, 10
Kostandin, 10

There is a bakery on the outskirts of the city. The passers-by can feel the smell of sweet bread here. Kostandin’s mother works with her ten years old son and serves people with a smile upon her face. At first glance, it is difficult to imagine that the destiny has prepared so many problems for this woman, as she is always smiling and is very optimistic.

“My name is Araksya and I have two children. I was divorced and now I live with my son. It is very sad that my daughter is not with us. I have numerous problems, sometimes I wonder how I do not give up. I do not, because I love my children very much and I want them to be with me and live well,” says Araksya.

Kostandin’s family was involved in World Vision’s Poverty Reduction Programme.

“We received clothes and food from them regularly, without delay, otherwise I do not know how we would live. No matter it was summer or winter, they were by my side. I do not know what would have happened without Mrs. Karine. She is the employee from the World Vision who helps us. She knew I had the talent of a baker and that I had found a job and baked bread all night. I had treated her several times with my cakes. And one day she surprised me. I can find no words to describe my joy when she gave me a 25-kg mixer and stove to start my business. I have rented a place on the outskirts of the city and I will pay the rent little by little. I bake lavash (a thin flatbread), khachapuri (Georgian dish of cheese-filled bread), sweets with jam. My son also helps me,” says Araksya with pride.
Kostandin is his mother's assistant and is a very active boy: “I can ride a bicycle, bake bread, weigh the dough... And I can drive a car if I want, but I really want to have a bicycle.”

The Poverty Reduction Programme envisages a series of multi-sectoral interventions to help the extremely poor families to combat poverty. The support includes: social work with families, financial assistance to meet the most urgent needs, vocational training for family members, training in the field of parenting skills, provision of knowledge on healthy nutrition and hygiene of children, assistance in the solution of the employment issues.

“World Vision has helped me a lot, I am grateful to them,” Araksya says somehow excited.
The house rent, electricity bills, clothes for her child, school accessories, food and most importantly, psychological support and warm attitude –World Vision provides this family with this all.

“I am very grateful to them as they do their best for me not to despair. Taking all this into consideration I should believe that I am not alone and I will definitely overcome the difficulties. Although I have a problem with my spine, I am ready to work and my goal is the development of my business and further success. There is already demand for a lavash baker and I have hung an announcement about vacancy on my door,” she says with pride.

The effectiveness of the programme is sustainable and evolving.48% of the participating families have overcome extreme poverty, 90% have increased their annual income, 77% of their children have improved their health and 82% of the families have had a significant change in their quality of life.