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Become a sponsor

With just 265 drams a day you will help to change a child’s life. Your care will give a hope and an encouragement to move on.

Donation amount
8000 AMD

Become a sponsor

This programme is designed to reach out to Armenia’s children, experiencing hardship and in need of support from each one of us.

World Vision's ‘Child Sponsorship’ programme gives the opportunity to individuals to become a sponsor of child (children) in need. Through monthly payments, the sponsor supports the child and his/her family to overcome the extreme poverty line and in obtain quality education. World Vision Armenia provides recurrent reporting on the work done within the sponsorship.

Child sponsorship starts from the moment you make the first payment. Please take into consideration the terms and the conditions of our organisation.

After the first payment within five working days, you will receive the child's social history and a photo from the child to your e-mail address and your registered page.

Payment may be made monthly or, if desired, in advance for several months. On your personal page of the website you can get acquainted with other needs of the child and, if you want, buy a gift from the list of gifts.

If you wish, you can write letters to the child or meet him/her.

Three times a year you will receive a personal report with photos from World Vision about changes in the child's life.

To become a sponsor, register here.

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